Hi I'm Stanislaus. You can call me Stan though. I'm a guy who's gay, trans, and autistic. You're statistically likely to be taller than me (140cm). I'm studying Life sciences at uni, and I'm French. So you can imagine the kind of stress I'm under.

I put this website online in the summer of 2022. Started coding on Visual Studio Code. Discovered Pycharm at uni, and switched to Pycharm Professional for making the site. No regrets.

You can also see my art in my gallery. I mostly do digital drawing, but I like drawing with a pencil when I'm in an artblock. I draw using Clip Studio Paint, Microsoft Paint, Paint Tool Sai 2... The simpler the interface the better honestly, with CSP being an exception.


Special interests #autism
  • Aztec mythology (mostly dead, but I like revisiting it at least once a year. oldest, ~2013)
  • Microbiology/Bacteriology (alive and well and will probably be until I die. shaped me as a person? second oldest ~2014)
  • Languages/linguistics, especially the Russian language and the history/culture behind it (mostly dead, latest ~2016)
General Coding (Python, HTML/CSS/JS), drawing, writing and journaling, reading (anything from books, articles, wiki pages, sometimes even fanfics. whatever.), photography, anything else that allows me to touch some grass
Books Favourites are The Master and Margarita and Kafka on the Shore (magic realism my beloved), as well as Moby Dick. 🐳 I've been trying to read more lately.
Music ZUN/Touhou music, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Agatha Christie (the band.), Король и Шут, Zemfira, Varnish La Piscine, Igorrr, Muse, Fatal Bazooka, Utsu-P, Kikuo, Dominique Guiot, Lemon Demon of course, McBaise, Caravan Palace, bo en, Kaaris, SCH, Sekito Shigeo, YOASOBI, System of a Down, Beyoncé... I'm one of those "I listen to all genres" kind of person......... What matters is that it sounds good. OK?
Games The Touhou Project!!! The Splatoon and Kirby games!!! The Ace Attorney series!! Disco Elysium, Hades... and I don't know much about the Zelda series, but I really enjoyed Breath of the Wild. I think my favourite genres are open-worlds, rogue-likes, shooter games, and games where there's mysteries involved basically. And gay people.

I really want to be a researcher in the field of microbiology someday, so I can indulge in that obsessive curiosity I have with my procaryote guys. Where did they come from? What have they been through? What are their relationship to each other and why? Where do they live and how do they get around in their environment?

All of those questions could be asked through a far more "scientific" kind of lense. But now that I'm actually following a cell biology-oriented curriculum, I'm trying to cultivate that "candid" vision of microbiology I developed when I was a child, on the side. Reading studies and reviews has always just been about making OCs to me. (crazy to admit but oh well.) I'm really commited to studying and learning new things at uni, be it in the classroom or in the lab. At the end of the day, keeping in touch with that candor is what's keeping me grounded.