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C:\Users>stan\2024\03\01> diary entrey for 2k24!

C:\Users>stan\2023\10\22> so turns out my last entry was a lie.
was busy through november. 1 new diary entri

C:\Users>stan\2023\10\22> i think 1 update/month is a good rythm.
wolbach pips + some new diary entries + 2022 gallery page!

C:\Users>stan\2023\09\23> adding my little journal thingie!
also fixed some stuff on this welcome page. . .

C:\Users>stan\2023\08\27> updated Y. pestis's page and added
H. walsbyi due to popular demand (one person).

C:\Users>stan\2023\08\24> huuuge update lol.
added the current site layout, an about page, the (incomplete)
gallery... currently the only available OC pages r that of Yersinia
pestis and Arthrospira platensis. i should update them again soon