my meet the artist as of june 2023..... only thing inaccurate to now is i changed ipad since i drew that lol, the gen 1 apple pencil kept being a bitch to me charging-wise. kept the stickers thoe!!!
the shiny one on top was made by LizahScienceArt on etsy. lizah if you are reading this i owe you my life i love this sticker as well as your pins AUUGHHH!!!!!.
the bear one i got from ordering a McBaise vinyl (must b from these guys). and the ones on the bottom right corner are courtesy of one of my teachers!! she offered me those when i visited her microbio lab... yet another microbio girlie whom i owe my life to. ANYWAY

tuber stuff i did recently... second image is trivia about his scarf!

Yersinia pestis biovar orientalis... this man is absolutely miserable and lives with his pet rodents and fleas in a cave. probably.

himbo scene guy Shewanella oneidensis...

Paenibacillus vortex kind of sketches. he is so beautiful and cool.

hyperactive king Clostridium tetani.... i need to draw him more!!!

cannibal funnyman Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Salinibacter ruber! little guy from the red lakes! french text says "present from H. walsbyi"

concept art for Pseudomonas syringae. kept thermodynamics math i was doing in the picture because it kinda looks cool ngl. the greek letters make it look scary but its actually really easy math too.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa girlish whimsy moment. hes not rly a girly kind of guy i just thot the screenshots would fit him and his boyfriend Staph. aureus.

evil little Wolbachia pipientis. he is walking on a kinesin motor protein on the last img!

littel spirulina doodle... he is just spinning

Shigella dysenteriae. made as a placeholder sprite to work with in danmakufu...

Deinococcus radiodurans! Nice to meet you!

cha cha cha guy from eurovision 2023 (kaarija)

Methanopyrus kandleri cool doodle

microbio icon Escherichia coli... carthatic doodle man

Lactobacillus casei (wild type)

bioluminescent sea guy Vibrio harveyi... he has issues but he is very nice!!! and a marine fauna nerd surprisingly