this is probably the best thing i will ever draw and also my laptops wallpaper. i cant believe i drew this last year for some reason and not... longer?? ago? anyway. thats Pyrococcus furiosus!! holding some kind of... tungstene pillar. furiosus has tungstene-containing enzymes so i thot it would b cool to associate him w it...!

furiosus is pissy all the time and i love him for that. my anger issues king!!! (that i project on!!!)

first fully-fledged oneidensis i ever drew!

S. aureus... yes he is a cyclops! this idea dates back to like 2014 too, but i didnt dust him off until 2022 rly lol... he can get more eyes as he gets more resistant but he'll never settle for 2 ⭐ the machine on the last image is his type 7 secretion system, the ess system! toxins go crazy go stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aeruginosa is an absolute STAR to me... prettiest guy on the block. hes still fairly masculine! and laid back and a cool guy to be around... UNLESS!!! unless hed rather infect you!!! overall a sweet talker... french reads "more accurate personnality-wise"

aeruginosa and aureus are boyfriending.

cutest pestis drawings ever... first one is a reference to pestis often being stained using methylene blue!

cannibal funnyman Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus strikes again... yeepeee!!!

not much in stock for tuber this year... HMMM

normalest twin brothers in the sea. guy with the beads on his head is Vibrio harveyi, the other one is campbellii! they r very very phylogenetically close! harveyi is more on the wild side, and camp is more reserved...

i can NEVER settle on a design for him. and its been almost TWO years BUT. handsomest most toxic big brother ever Vibrio vulnificus (even his name means "hurtful")!!!

Strep. pyo is very in love with vulni too... they both r flesh-eating bacteria!

one of the first drawings of Wolbach pips (Wolbachia pipientis) i ever made... like this is it. this is his whole character

idk y he has sneakers on the last one i just thot it would b cool. he is just balling.

walsbyi being very autistic. (as always.) along w spirulina!

Vibrio cholerae... 💖 with a type 6 secretion sys on img 2. just a boy ravaged by mental illness and family issues

Mycobacterium bovis! or should i say...... Mycobacterium tuberculosis subspeciesbovis??! ik his arm is a little bit weird on the second one but oh WELL. his cord factor is just the little cords hanging around his neck and arms! hes a very nice guy genuinely...

new insufferable guy (Shigella dysenteriae) just dropped. i mean hes not the most active Shigella nowadays, but still!