hello! welcome to the bacteria intensive care unit — bacteria.icu! i just care about them a lot 💗

im stanislaus! im making this site to have somewhere personal to post about my ocs AND to try and turn away from twitter more. it was all made from scratch! (with very questionable html/css/js skills. Anyway...)

as you could prob tell, there will b a lot of procaryotesingle-celled organisms without a cell nucleus. they r grouped under two reigns : Bacteria and Archaea.-themed content. if you dont know much about bacteria and the like, thats completely fine! you might learn a cool thing or two if you stick around!

i also draw stuff so ive made a gallery that i. need to actually put things in now. i dont call myself an "artist" or anything like that though, i dont like the descriptor. all illustrations on the site r made by me unless otherwise stated...

⟵ this is me lol!

if youre enjoying your stay so far, you can put one ov theese littel buttons on your site if u like.


sites i think r so cool

still browsing. . .


ill try adding stuff about my ocs and filling up my gallery in priority...

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